Slurpex for cleaning the boat

Boat mate

Trying to save the interior of your boat, yacht or launch from unpredictable spills in rough seas is never easy!

The Slurpex's super absorbant qualities make it the ideal tool for cleaning the boat. Whether it’s to clean the boat’s interior, galley or exterior, messy spills or help empty the Bilge, the Slurpex is "The ideal mate to store on your boat".

Use the Slurpex like a chamois when cleaning your boat exterior.

The Slurpex is also perfect for removing dew from boat seats, windscreens and canopy windows. Now you don't have to use that old fishy rag or towel.

Simply wipe the windscreen, wring out and move onto wiping the canopy windows or boat seats.

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Slurpex: makes cleaning the boat easy