Slurpex for Car Cleaning

Spilling a coffee or soft drink in your car is no longer a drama!, just pull your Slurpex out of the glove compartment and soak up the spill in seconds. No scrambling for napkins!

The Slurpex holds 8 times its weight in liquid, it makes mopping up spills or cleaning your car's exterior a breeze.

Just use the Slurpex like a chamois, it's soft and absorbent qualities give your car a perfect finish every time.

There’s also nothing better to have on a long trip.


Technique for cleaning car

Using a figure 8 motion, work the same area twice.
Take care to wring out Slurpex carefully, then wipe off.

**make sure you have a separate Slurpex for your car
Otherwise you will leave a dirty film on your pride and joy.

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Slurpex: makes cleaning the car easy