How to remove carpet stains


Remove fresh carpet stains 

*Below is a step by step guide on how to remove carpet stains and prevent carpet stains with your Slurpex. The Slurpex will save you spending more money on paper towels, stain removers and professional carpet cleaners. Most spills and carpet stains can be removed with the Slurpex and the carpet stain removing recipe.

To remove spills from carpet before they become carpet stains, First make sure Slurpex is completely empty. Press down on carpet stain  for a few seconds then slowly release. Turn Slurpex over and repeat until the carpet stain is gone. The red wine, coffee, beer etc will be absorbed by the Slurpex powerful vaccuum action and the permanent  carpet stain will be prevented.  

Remove old dry carpet stains

To remove old dry carpet stains simply pour Slurpex stain lifting recipe over the old carpet stain, massaging Gently with fingers. Apply Slurpex onto the  old carpet stain then hold and release. Repeat until carpet stain is removed.

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** Disclaimer: This is a tried and proven solution which should work, however it is not guaranteed to remove all old carpet stains.

Slurpex: lift carpet stains easily