If you are having trouble completing your purchase it could be that your "pop up" blocker is blocking the purchasing window which "pops" up when you click "add to cart"

Follow the tips below, if you are still having trouble please email us at




To enable a popup temporarily simply press Shift key. All popups that try to open while you press Shift key are allowed to appear. You may use this to enable certain popups temporarily when you want to open them only at this time. After you release Shift key, popups are blocked as usual



There are three basic ways to enable a blocked but opened popup:

  1. Select the popup window the mouse (bring it to front) and press Ctrl-Alt-R on the keyboard

  2. Select "Unblock this popup" from system menu of the browser popup window. Right-click the popup window with the mouse and select "Unblock this popup" from the context menu. Note that some popups disable context menus, so the previous methods are preferred.