Slurpex for Cleaning Windows and Removing Condensation

Cleaning Window Panes

The Slurpex won’t drip down your arm like other sponges do. Make sure your Slurpex is clean, use fresh water and:

  1. Draw slurpex down window using leading edge
  2. Revolve slurpex over to expose another edge
  3. Repeat until all 4 edges have been used
  4. Wring out and repeat process

Removing condensation from windows

Make sure Slurpex is VERY clean (see cleaning instructions on back of packet) Wipe over affected area then ring out. Repeat until condensation is gone.

Using Slurpex to remove condensation from windows and window frames will save you using towel after towel. Just wipe window and window frame, ring out and move on to the next.

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Slurpex: makes cleaning windows easily