Slurpex: the essential super absorbent cleaning product

The Slurpex came to New Zealand and Australia in the early 1980’s. It sold in high numbers, and its incredible absorbent and cleaning qualities made the Slurpex a favorite cleaning product in Kiwi households.

In the 1990’s marketing of the Slurpex ceased as distributor John Jenkins focused his attention on his rapidly expanding laminations and coatings business.

However, demand for the Slurpex persisted as customers fond of its cleaning power reordered for their homes, their cars and their boats.

This year, following persistent demand and enquiries 25 years after bringing the Slurpex to New Zealand, Jenkins decided it was time to bring the Slurpex into the 21st Century.

Now customers have the convenience of being able to order the Slurpex online.

Apart from its fancy new label, the Slurpex retains its superb absorbent cleaning qualities – making it the essential absorbent cleaning product for the Kiwi home, car or boat.

To the naked eye the Slurpex looks like a solid block. Under a microscope the Slurpex is full of air. 90% of the volume is pore space. This is the secret to the Slurpex's amazing liquid absorption and retention. Liquid is trapped in the Slurpex's 3 dimensional porous structure.

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