Why is SLURPEX such a legend in Kiwi households? Isn't it just a chamois?

It's true, the incredible absorbent qualities have made it a household favourite in New Zealand for decades. Perhaps it's because Kiwis love using the best tools for the job, respect products that last the distance, and appreciate value for money.


How does SLURPEX work?

To the naked eye, SLURPEX looks like a solid block. Under a microscope, it's full of air - 90% of the volume is pore space. This is the secret to the amazing liquid absorption and retention, liquid is trapped in the 3 dimensional porous structure.


How much liquid does SLURPEX absorb?

SLURPEX holds up to 8 times its weight in liquid with NO DRIPS, making it a great tool for removing spills and stains caused by red wine, coffee, soft drinks or other liquids. When full, it doesn't drip like a normal cloth or sponge and is guaranteed to last for up to 6 years! 


My previous SLURPEX was a different colour and slightly larger. Why's that?

Our suppliers recently redesigned SLURPEX as a slightly more compact product to ensure ergonomic efficiency, using the exact same ultra-absorbent chamois that holds 8 times its weight in liquid. 


Where is SLURPEX manufactured?

SLURPEX is made in Japan by the global leaders in chamois technology. We're a family owned, New Zealand business that's had exclusive distribution in New Zealand for the past 40 years.


How can SLURPEX be used?

SLURPEX is famous as a multi-use tool. It removes spills before they become stains, cleans windows and removes condensation, removes pet hair from clothes and upholstery, defrosts fridges and freezers, and can be used to clean the car or boat. 


Is one SLURPEX enough?

Demand for SLURPEX is always high, as many customers reorder a second or third for their home, car, boat, or as a gift for family and friends.


I've lost my SLURPEX instruction sheet...

Here you go: