Slurpex testimonials

We would like to thank all our loyal Slurpex customers for their fantastic Slurpex letters. Here are a few of our favorite letters.


"It's time to let you know how much I appreciate my Slurpex. I bought my first Slurpex at a Hamilton Field Day in the late 80's and have always had it on hand. Now I have grandchildren and I still wouldn't be without my Slurpex. Yes, it is a little discoloured and I soak it in a bleach solution from time to time. I keep it in the fridge so it won't go mouldy and it has a crack through the middle but it definitely gets pulled out regularly to cope with the next generations spills. Time for a new one? This old girl still has plenty of life in her so I won't give her up yet but I'll order a couple for my daughters, one who lives in Pukekohe and the other in East Timor.

Thank you Slurpex".



I have just had my family stay for 2 weeks in the school holidays. 2 young children and a dog (Labradoodle and big).

The dog was sick on the family room carpet, what a mess. I got the vomit up and the stain that was left was the colour of sh*#, sorry I cant tell it any other way. This is where the Slurpex sponge came to the rescue. I poured cold water on the stain then took it up with the Slurpex, I did this over and over till the stain was out and the water in the bucket was the colour of sh*#.

If I had n't had the Slurpex it would of been an insurance claim without a doubt.

I've had this Slurpex for 21years, I know this as a fact because I have moved house twice and it has come with me. Please send me 4 new ones, the inlaws want them too

Thank you Slurpex".




"The Slurpex was fantastic, with warm water it easily cleaned up sticky melted fudge from the carpet after the kids had a feast".



I am delighted to discover that the Slurpex can now be purchased on-line.   We purchased our current Slurpex approximately 21 years ago at the Christchurch A & P Show and it has done stirling service through the years of children and various pets right up until today. It is stained and old looking with a very large crack through the middle but this afternoon it again came to the rescue with every dog-owners nightmare, a dog with bowel trouble left inside!! I won\'t describe the scene but I was so very grateful to have the trusty old Slurpex on hand. It has survived the day, going through another hot wash and is now safely stored back in its original container but I do feel a replacement is well due.   Thanks for continuing to make such a reliable product available. In such a throwaway world it's nice to be able to promote a product that actually does what it claims and never seems to wear out. Looking forward to a bright, new container too! Jan




We purchased our Slurpex about 20 years ago at the Waikato Winter Show in Hamilton and it has been used on MANY occasions since with great success! We have had three children, two dogs, and at least 3 cats grow up and live in the house over the 20 years and the Slurpex has been a real carpet-saver!! I have now ordered two more to take to the UK as gifts for family! I kept raving about the Slurpex when I was there last so thought it was time they had their own sponge so they could see for themselves what a great product Slurpex is!












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