Slurpex The Super Absorbent Chamois

"Slurpex, the best stain removal tip you'll ever find" 


The Slurpex is a super absorbent chamois perfect for cleaning all those nasty spills and carpet stains in and around the house, the car and the boat.

The Slurpex holds up to 8 times its weight in liquid With NO DRIPS making it a great tool for removing Spills and stains caused by red wine, coffee, soft drinks Or other liquids. Click here to see how to remove red wine from carpet

The Slurpex makes cleaning windows and removing condensation faster, defrosting Fridges easier, and it can even lift old stains.

The Slurpex is perfect for removing condensation from windows and window frames. The Slurpex absorbent qualities mean it can be used over and over, retaining its high absorbtion rate saving you plenty of  clean towels.